Friday, January 09, 2009

Sennheiser reckons its HD 800s are the best headphones in the world ever, at CES 2009

Probably the most expensive things you'll ever wear on your head

Sennheiser has announced the new HD 800 headphones at this year's CES expo. At a staggering £999.99 per pair, you can probably tell that Sennheiser thinks that the sound quality is pretty special.

This benchmark setting set of cans features a specially built 56mm high definition RING driver for absurd levels of clarity and detail. They also offer a frequency response of 6 to 51,000 Hz, a figure that's likely to have other audiophiles shedding bright green tears of envy.

They're open back and designed with a futuristic black and silver finish. The cups are designed for both comfort and direct the sound waves to your ear in manner more similar to a loudspeaker than an ordinary pair of 'phones. It is rumoured that listening to these is makes even the Spice Girls sound like you are being serenaded by an angelic host sent from heaven itself – we'll be going to check the veracity at the show today.

Source T3

If you demand ultimate musical perfection from your headphones, Sennheiser's HD 800s will be out in February.


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