Wednesday, October 26, 2005


A month Ago I bought NW-HD3 a much awaited player for all the mp3 lovers.Player was priced at around Rs27000 app but after sometime it was reduced to Rs23000 But i actually got for Rs 15000 from Sony world b`coz they want to despose the item at any cost.I also own Nw-hd5 but right now i will discuss about Nw-HD3 .

1.Transfer and reproduction of MP3 files is now possible as well as ATRAC3plus (using "SonicStage Ver. 2.3", supplied application software).

2. Up to a maximum of approximately 13,000 high-quality music files can be stored in the built-in 20GB hard disk drive(*1).[A word of caution u will get only 18.6gb of storage only)

3.Up to a maximum of approximately 30 hours of continuous music reproductions are possible with the built-in lithium ion battery.

4.Up to a maximum of approximately 30 hours of continuous music reproductions are possible with the built-in lithium ion battery.(but i got 27 hours at 132kpbs)
5.The G-sensor (gravity acceleration sensor) and impact damper prevents damage to the hard disk drive in the case of accidental drops.(this is very important feature for any hard disk player)

6.The stylish aluminum body is available in three colors(Red ,Silver or Black)

7.Incorporating multilingual displays (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese), French, German, Italian and Spanish).

note:*1 With four minutes per music conversion for the 48kbps mode with the ATRAC3plus format.
2* Reproduction in the 48kbps mode with the ATRAC3. Approximately 22 hours for a 128kbps reproduction with the MP3

About Dimensions:

Dimensions (W x H x D): 90.0 x 62.1 x 14.8 mm (excluding protruding portions)Mass: approx. 130g (including internal rechargeable battery).Operating instructions: English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese), Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

About Sound Quality :

ATRAC3 OR ATRACPLUS format of sony is much better than mp3
U can get more good of sound with atrac3 plus 64kpbs than mp3 64kpbs or wma 64kpbs(this has been proved by tests also by one of the worlds greatest sound laboratory)

2 A special feature which is given by sony IS V-SUR it create sounds of different atmosphere i.e arena,live,club etc...(THIS IS NICE FEATURE)
3.6 Band Equlizer which includes Jazz ,heavy,pop etc... & also two custom.
4. Digital Sound Preset Which Is far the best i think soo.(includes +3 TO -4 BASS & TREBLE).

About unit:
1Unit looks solid & sleek.
2Buttons on the unit r well placed.(i haven`t had any problem with that)
3good looking Lcd monchrome display(TFT colour display would have been better but it might 4have been battery consuming)
5Adapter forUSB port is quite delicate.
6 Ac adapter supplied( unit can be charged with ac ADAPTER as well as USB BUT CHARGING WITH A/C ADAPTER IS QUITE QUICK)

Supplied headphones r not good (b`coz it hurts ears) therefore i will recommed to buy one.

There is black case given with the player which is very useful.

Bad points:
No games .FM OR FM RECORDING,VOICE RECORDING,DOES NOT PLAY WMA,WAV(they r need to be converted,)allthe songs which tranferred to the player r encrypted ,so u cannot use them back in ur computer

About sonic stage supplied
But i used sonic stage ver 3(which i got with nw-505)
It is very easy to use and far much better then previous versions

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Few Days back i bought a "Sony Network Walkman" NW-E505".Sound is great ,+3 to --4 settings for bass & for treble also(for up & down) .I had blue aone .Looks great.Metal body on the back side & plastic on the front,Cover for U.S.B port is quiet flimsy or delicate.
{ Headphones r crap ,u can use only in sitting position .
Belt cover is also delicate}.
About sonic stage 3.0 (supplied)very easy to use software .i can bet u it is far much better than previous version

Supports ATRAC3plus and MP3 formats. Incorporates 512MB of IC memory - enough to record the equivalent of 23 CDs (*1). Built-in wideband FM tuner The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers 50 hours of continuous playback (*2). Supports USB bus power for blazing-fast file transfer - 3 hours of music playback by just 3 minutes charging.
The organic EL display enables up to three lines of text display. Multilingual track-title display: English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese) and Korean The jog shuttle can be easily operated with one hand. SonicStage Ver. 3.0 (CD-ROM) makes ripping, editing and transferring of music files a snap.
*1 In ATRAC3plus 48kbps mode, assuming 1 CD = 60 minutes of play time.*2 In ATRAC3 105kbps mode.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 84.9 x 28.8 x 13.9 mm Mass: approx. 47 g (including rechargeable battery)Operating instructions: English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese), Korean, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish.