Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sonic Stage 4.2

As expected Sony has released new Software for its network walkmans ,Sonic Stage 4.2 .

New Features:

★ Importing and playing back in HE-AAC format is available.
- Format;*.3gp/
- It doesn’t support a copyrighted file.
★ Ripping Audio CD in HE-AAC format is available.
- Format;3gp
- Bit rate; 96kbps/80kbps/64kbps/48kbps/40kbps
DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) function is available. DSEE is a high-frequency completion technology developed by Sony that improves the quality of compressed audio and adds back in high frequencies that are often lost when audio is compressed. The resulting audio is closer to the original, more natural, and offers a wider sense of space.

DSEE:You will find very little difference in sound quality with DSEE on & at the same time there is no way we can utilize this features in our network walkmans .So all i can say it is useless
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