Monday, August 14, 2006

New Sports Walkman From Sony NW-S20* series

Sony is Just ready to release it's Sports walkman in the US market (September 15).Release date's of other countries is still unknown .Sony is advertising new walkmans as "Sport Your Music"

NW-S20 series is available in 1gb(NW-S203) & 2gb(Nw-S205) flavors .

1GB/2GB Built-In Memory

Shuffle Shake
With the LCD face up, shake the MP3 player 3 times to easily switch the shuffle feature on. Shake it 3 more times to turn it off.

Sports Assist Functions

Calorie Counter: Allows you to see how many calories you've burned based on your weight and length of workout.

Target Settings: Allows you to set the amount of time you want to work out so the music will stop once the pre-determined length of time has passed. In addition, you can set targets for calories burned and distance traveled.

Stop Watch: Allows you to track your speed.

Music Pacer
Allows you to create both running and walking playlists which the Walkman® player will play based on whether you are running or walking.

Water Resistant
Seamless, water-resistant aluminum body.

Built-in FM Tuner

Provides accurate drift-free tuning of FM stereo radio stations. Presets allow the user to skip directly to the most listened to stations.

1-Line Organic Electroluminescence Display
Electroluminescence Display offers high quality and a unique look. View information about the music, settings and even time and date in any lighting condition.

Quick Battery Charge

A three minute charge will provide up to three hours of playback.

Up to 18 Hours of Playback Life with Rechargeable Embedded Battery
Internal battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous playback on each charge.

Plays Back MP3/ATRAC®/ATRAC3plus™ Audio Formats

5-Mode Equalizer
Offers 5 different modes including: Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Custom and Off for enhanced sound.

WMA(non-DRM) and AAC(non-DRM) Playback and Support
Supports playback of unsecured WMA and AAC audio files to the Walkman device. Perfect for a customer who has a large collection of audio on their PC which was ripped from personal CDs. This allows for tranfer of audio downloads, imports and self recorded tracks, but only works on files that are not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Skip Proof Design-No Moving Parts

For uninterrupted playback even while carrying the Walkman® player during many active uses.

Multi Language Display
Displays encoded text in English and foreign languages that can include the artist name, disc name, and/or track name.

SonicStage® Music Management Software Supplied or SonicStage CP4

USB 2.0 Compatible
USB (Universal Serial Bus) provides extremely fast and easy transfer of audio files from computer to hard drive and flash players.

Supports CD Text and ID3 Tagging
Allows you to easily view CD text and ID3 Tag information including song title, album title and artist name.

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