Monday, April 17, 2006

Sony`s First Coloured Walkman CE-P..At Last!

At last ..Sony came with with a new Coloured Screen Walkman CE-P.But It only supports WMA/Mp3 format ..NO ATRAC.Right now it`s is only available in China & it comes in three flavors 256mb,512mb & 1gb..

Features of CE-P series:
1.)1.5″ 260K color OLED display.
2.)Built-in FM tune.
3.)FM recording .
4.)Voice recording .
5.)It also allows to view BMP/JPEG files.
-CE-P17: 1GB, black and gold colour(Only available from SonyStyle China ), RMB1199 (approx US$150)
-CE-P15: 512MB, black, silver and red colour, RMB999 (approx US$125)
-CE-P13: 256MB, black, silver and red colour, RMB799 (approx US$100)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New NW-A (002, 003, 005) Series to Debut Soon

We’ve been keeping our lips zipped to avoid any issues, but as engadget has revealed the news we feel inclined to share what we have available. The 002, 003 and 005 will be 512mb, 1GB and 2GB respectively and replace the existing E100/E300 series (it will not replace the NW-A3000, nor NW-A1000). Pricing will be below the rival iPod Nano in the related sizes and should be very attractive to most consumers. The usual OLED is employed again and gives this thumbdrive an unique look amongst the competition. Apparently, there will be no ‘Artist Link’ (which was introduced with the NW-A3000, etc.) and this isn’t too terribly surprising as it doesn’t run too well with Connect Player anyways.

The units will NOT debut with Connect Player, but rather come with Sonicstage 3.4 (which was a very well made release by Sony). It is also noteworthy to state that this unit will not have FM/AM capability, which may have made it uber attractive in the end, but the jury is still out on that front.